Certificates | TLW2-12B Wired/Battery Asset Tracker

We are excited to announce that the TLW2-12B asset tracker has passed the certifications of #CE, #RCM, #FCC, #PTCRB and finally #ATT lately. In the coming weeks we expect it to pass more certifications of network carriers in USA and telematic certificates in UAE and Saudi Arab.Stay tuned so we can share more exciting news! Features:-4G LTE-M | NB-IoT | 2G-9600 mAh […]

Device Data via Flespi API

TOPFLYtech device data via Flespi API in 5 easy steps Create a free flespi account. Set up the TOPFLYtech channel in your interface. Point a TOPFLYtech device to your flespi account using the configurator from TOPFLYtech or by sending an SMS command to the device. Confirm that the device data is being received and parsed. Access TOPFLYtech device data via API. 1. Create […]

TLW2-12B Integrated by Wialon

TOPFLYtech’s TLW2-12B 4G wired/battery asset tracker is now supported on Wialon. All features integrated, including multiple I/Os, different reporting intervals for when it’s with external power connection or running on its 9600mAh/3.6V inbuilt battery. The BLE sensors are also supported for monitoring of temperature, humidity and door status. It’s designed for high value heavy-duty assets […]

Integration | Position Logic

Position Logic has recently finished the integration of TOPFLYtech devices. Having award-winning platform partners in the US provides more reliable options and strong support to our clients. Improve your fleet management system with us today! #TOPFLYtech#gpstracker#iot#assettracking#assettracker#obd2#4Gtracker#catm1#telematics#gpstracking#fleetmanagement#portabletracker#assettracker #BLEsensors#trackingsystem#fleetmanagementsystem#fleetmanagementsoftware

Launch | New Website

It’s so exciting to share with you that we’ve launched a newly designed website. With the improved readability and diversified content, it presents everything you hope to find in just the way you like it There are different segments on the navigation bar for you to get the information you are after: -Product: detailed description […]

Integration | Monitor

Monitor is one of the first tracking platform that has fully integrated all TOPFLYtech’s solution. They just finished integrating our newly released asset tracker TLW2-12B. It will not take long to realise that they have done a neat, detailed and professional job when testing on their platform. A big ‘thank you’ to Monitor for providing […]

Product | TLW2-12B 4G Asset Tracker

It’s exciting to announce the release of the TLW2-12B 4G LTE-M asset GNSS tracker. TLW2-12B is designed for high value heavy-duty assets that may disconnected from power some time. When assets are sitting alone, the trackers can be powered by the large built-in battery. It also can be charged by DC power on the assets. […]

Certifications | AT&T

Within 3 months since the release of our #TOPFLYtech‘s TLP2-SFB solar powered asset #GPS #tracker with BLE 5.0, after going through series of testing now it passed the certifications of #CE, #RCM, #FCC, #PTCRB and finally #ATT today. For one of our flagship product we tend to have more certifications as possible so clients from over the world can be assured. TLP2-SFB – 4G large solar […]

Integration | Cybermapa

Anuncio de integración de Cybermapa de equipos TOPFLYtech con Cybermapa ‘Con gran placer nos complace anunciar la total integración de los dispositivos TopFlyTech en la plataforma Cybermapa. TopFlyTech es una empresa fundada en el año 2012, situada en el parque tecnológico de Nanshan, en Shenzhen, China. Es una empresa especialmente enfocada en investigar y brindar […]

Certification | TLP2-SFB

To our #Australia and #Europe market, we gladly announce that #TOPFLYtech’s TLP2-SFB solar asset tracker with BLE 5.0 passed the certificates of #CE and #RCM for LTEM, NB-IoT and GSM. With our advanced cellular technology our devices can run on all global bands efficiently and smoothly. TLP2-SFB 4G large solar powered asset tracker with BLE […]

Integration | Wialon

Better trailer fleet management solution by TOPFLYtech and Wialon Today, most of the goods transportations are done by the trucks towing trailers. How to better control the trailer fleet is always a tough problem to trailer fleet managers. For trailer fleet management, the pain points are: No visibility to real-time locations of the trailer fleet. […]

Intergration | RedGPS

We are excited to announced that #RedGPS platform has fully integrated all series of our products. RedGPS is a tracking platform that can provide Spanish supports, located in Mexico. Their tracking solutions and services are professional, customised and dynamic. TOPFLYtech’s users can find out what they have to offer if you are looking for Spanish […]

AT&T Certified | TLP1 series

It’s delightful to share with you that all 3 models of TOPFLYtech’s TLP1 series portable trackers have been certified by #AT&T recently, followed by #FCC and #PTCRB. In other words, these models have been tested and approved by multiple standards. More excitingly, all our other trackers will follow the same path in the short future, such as our […]

Feature | Driving Behaviour

Do you know that 84.6% of traffic accidents are caused by reckless driving? Bad driving behaviours can cause accidents, increase of fuel consumption and damage of machine parts, etc. TOPFLYtech’s tracker not only detects bad driving behaviours and report to platform the events such as harsh acceleration/braking/turning/speeding/crash, trucking companies can make sure that the drivers […]

Benefits | Driving Behaviour

Safety data provides fleet managers with the eyes and ears to be a backseat driver without stepping foot into a vehicle. Managers can assess the strongest and weakest drivers in their fleet by consistently monitoring the safety behaviours of their employees on the road. TOPFLYtech’s vehicle trackers offer a series of driving behaviour monitoring methods, not […]

We are #8 globally

On 30th July, 2020, TOPFLYtech was announced and awarded in Wialon GPS Hardware Manufacturers TOP 10 ceremony, with ranking #8 among all 500 manufacturers. This is the rating for hardware companies whose devices have been most frequently connected by the Wialon community over the last 12 months globally. This is the gratifying outcome for hard […]

OBDII Plug & Play Vehicle Trackers

Looking for LTE-M OBD tracking devices? Since we launched TLD1 series in Sep 2018, they are now working great on AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Telus/Bell/Telstra/Telcel/Rogers/Movistar/Vodafone/O2/Softbank/etc. network. TLD1 series tracker is designed as a global multi-mode connectivity solution and purpose-built to provide reliable, optimized connectivity for the next-generation of IoT network. The TLD1 series tracker combines the high reliability and […]

Application | Vehicle Tracking

Looking for LTE-M hardwired tracking devices? Since we launched TLW1 series in Sep 2018, they are now working great on AT&T/Verizon/TMobile/Telus/Bell/Telstra/Telcel/Rogers/Movistar/Vodafone/O2/Softbank/etc. network. TLW1 series tracker is designed as a global multi-mode connectivity solution and purpose-built to provide reliable, optimized connectivity for the next-generation of IoT network. The TLW1 series tracker combines the high reliability and […]

TOPFLYtech FCC and PTCRB Certified

2 JULY, 2020 Along with the FCC certification on entire 4G product lines, TOPFLYtech just announced that one of their most popular product families, TLP1 series personal/asset GNSS trackers, have been PTCRB certified. There are 3 models in this product family: TLP1-SF, solar powered asset tracker (Trailer/container/caravans/other assets) TLP1-LF, long battery life asset tracker (Stationary asset) TLP1-P, personal tracker As […]


Some of us have experienced a checked-in luggage being lost while travelling by air. That’s where TOPFLYtech’s 4G portable tracker TLP1-P comes in. Recovery for lost luggage and parcels are AVAILABLE. It also plays a role in getting immediate updates on valuable parcels’ real time location. It’s rugged construction and long-life battery makes it perfect […]


TOPFLYtech’s 4G personal tracker TLP1-P keeps you updated with your kid’s real time location, and you can review their historical tracks. It’s small and light enough for kids to carry, and its rugged construction and shell make sure the device don’t get broken easily.


Does this scenario ever occur to you: you wanted to know the locations of someone so bad, out of care or love, but there is no way to find out. TOPFLYtech’s 4G GPS Tracker – TLP1-P provides you real time locations and history tracks. Its 4800 mAh/3.7V rechargeable battery is so large that you can […]


TOPFLYtech #LTE-M OBDII tracker #TLD1-DA/E is designed for both light-duty and heavy-duty trucks that can be used in full compliance with the #ELD regulation. If you are an ELD service provider and looking for an advanced ELD device, don’t hesitate to contact us. Here is a quick rundown of the main features: LTE Cat-M1(eMTC) + LTE Cat-NB1(NB-IoT) + E-GPRS […]


TOPFLYtech’s TSR1-B BLE 5.0 wireless relay disables engine to immobilise cars or trucks for anti-theft. It is controlled by our GPS tracker with BLE, via SMS or commands from tracking platform. It’s more concealed than wired relays as they will not be found along with the tracker. Our remote immobilisation and tracking solution not only […]


Chinese New Year is the most significant traditional festival in China. It is the first day based on Chinese calendar. The festival is celebrated as family gathering and thanksgiving. Most of the people in China travel across the country for family reunion, resulting the largest population movement in the modern world annually. During the festival, […]


TOPFLYtech provides a driver identification solution allowing you to monitor the real time location of the truck and know who the driver is. It increases operational efficiency when assigning tasks to drivers. Pairing with a relay, it can even prevent unauthorized person driving trucks. Without pressing the authorized BLE tags before starting engines, the relay […]


TOPFLYtech’s TLP1 series asset trackers are designed to track and monitor assets like containers, trailers, RVs, forklifts, parcels, suitcases, etc. With their solid casings, they are ruggedized and waterproof for outdoor uses. TLP1-SF can be charged by USB and solar power, exceptionally it has the most frequent position updates of every 3s. TLP1-LF specialises in […]


Getting calls from school about kids not showing up? Kids are not home on time after school and parents have to call around? What if you have a GPS tracker to find out their real time location on map. TOPFLYtech TLP1-P 4G personal tracker specializes in allocating and tracking people, especially for worrying children and elderly. It allows you to […]


If you are trying to reduce the fuel cost of your fleet, firstly you need to start with monitoring the fuel level on a daily basis. You’ll have a thorough understanding about the fuel consumption and fuel level on every car every day. It helps to ensure that your fuel tanks are filled and ready […]


In scenarios of storing stocks that require to be kept in a certain range of temperature and humidity, how to ensure that they controlled and constant all the time. Using air-conditioners, humidifiers or refrigerators is a good move but it’s not enough. We need to account for the chance of machine break down, and it […]


After 7 years of developing and growing of the company, we are most grateful for the partners we have met. They are located in almost every continent and achieved great accomplishments in different fields. It has been encouraging and enlightening working with them over the years. ‘I started working with TOFPLYtech in 2012. At that […]


Remember our early post of promotion? Here it is! Let us introduce the new product experience card! Golden surface, want to get it? We will announce the detail introduction later. Now let’s see how to use it first! 1. Card holder enjoys 20% discount (No more than 5 units per model). 2. Promotion period: Oct […]


In the upcoming MWC 2019 Los Angeles, we’ll present you a range of newly designed trackers. You’ll be seeing not only our renovated asset tracker TLP1, which improved its flexibility by featuring portable magnets and changed into a white colour to be more adaptive to the sun, but also the second generation of our well […]


Is the device integration tough? Probably most people would say: yes, it is! To help more customer can get it done easier, we’ve released device decoder source code in GitHub. This will greatly simplify the integration process. Please check below link for more details:


TOPFLYtech will be exhibiting in MWC 2019 in Los Angeles during October 22-24. This year, we will bring our latest and most exciting 4G LTE products. You will see the new Bluetooth wireless sensors and the 2nd Gen of TLW & TLP series products. More details will be released in the following LinkedIn updates. Any […]


This September is the month of innovation for us. Our LTE-M asset tracker TLP1 series has some significant changes done to make it more adaptable and flexible, based on the same powerful functionality and stability. It comes with screw mounting. Magnets can be manually assembled based on needs. Due to the shell material changed, the […]


Looking for hashtag#LTE-M OBD tracking devices? Since we launched TLD1 series in Sep 2018, they are now working great on AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Telus/Bell/Telstra/Telcel/Rogers/Movistar/Vodafone/O2/Softbank/etc. network. TLD1 series tracker is designed as a global multi-mode connectivity solution and purpose-built to provide reliable, optimized connectivity for the next-generation of #IoT network. The TLD1 series tracker combines the high reliability and low latency support of LTE […]


TOPFLYtech R&D team has an average 13 years working experience in designing and developing communication hardware. They are dedicated to improving our products stability and functions since 2012. They were recruited from top-ranked high-tech firms to innovate tracking devices with their expertise and creativity. What exactly has driven them to leave Huawei, ZTE, Baidu and […]


One of the significant changes in this season is the huge expansion on staffs in every department. The increasing of staff in production department is especially noticeable. As some countries are starting to shut down 3G network, it comes with a high volume of demand for our 4G products. Although with the added strength, the […]


Looking forLTE-M hardwired tracking devices? Since we launched TLW1 series in Sep 2018, they are now working great on AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Telus/Bell/Telstra/Telcel/Rogers/Movistar/Vodafone/O2/Softbank/etc. network. TLW1 series tracker is designed as a global multi-mode connectivity solution and purpose-built to provide reliable, optimised connectivity for the next-generation of IoT network. The TLW1 series tracker combines the high reliability and low latency support of LTE […]


Exhibition meets conference, technology meets party: Experience all things digitization live in one place. The stage is set and excitement is in the air with a focus on creating new business opportunities. CEBIT 2018 creates an inspiring atmosphere that brings businesses and customers together.  TOPFLYTECH will continues to attend this big show 12th Jun – […]


The most distinguishable feature of TOPFLYTECH GPS trackers is the unique designs. The designs referred to herein is not only what it looks like as the case designed, but sophisticated ideas in customizing the unique PCBs, based on which regular claimed features could be actualized and improved under controllable ethod. Without technical constraints in collecting and […]


Online Tracking System is a web-based software, where user can access to have real-time tracking and journey review , manage territorial and event acknowledges, and monitor other specific concerns, like fuel, temperature and loading, etc. Real-time tracking system is elementary section to a tracking system. But in this primary section, superior works can be done […]


CeBIT is the largest and most internationally represented computer expo. The trade fair is held each year on the Hannover fairground, one of the largest fairground in the world, in Hanover, Germany. It is considered a barometer of current trends and a measure of the state of the art in information technology. It is organized […]


An easy use but powerful mobile application is key for user to have new experience of tracking service. An easy use tracking app is able to present full various information in logic layout within a limited space, while user could source any information of tracked item as he wants without confusion. Taking photo of tracked item […]

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