Success Story | Mercedes Dealer Car Management

  • Post published:April 28, 2021
  • Post Category:Product

How does a profitable Mercedes car dealer manage his cars?

Cars being the most important assets for the car dealers, how exactly should you keep them under your sight? Our partner has provided a complete vehicle management solution to one of the major car dealers in the USA, who not only sells Mercedes, but also BMW, Ford and Cadillac. Our new generation of OBDII tracker with CAN Bus reading, the TLD2-D model was implemented and loved.

With this device, managers are able to be connected to his vehicles at all times with a variety of types data including real time location, harsh driving events, CAN Bus data that includes engine status, odometer, battery level, fuel level, and more, makes monitoring and tracking vehicles easier than ever.


Real time and buffer locations

Plug & Play

CAN BUS reading

Driving behaviour detection

Reckless Driving Buzzer

Disconnection alerts

Backup battery

Ignition on/off alerts

BLE 5.0 for sensors