BLE 5.1 Key Fob and Panic Button

It enables company to verify drivers identification. Identify drivers assigned to vehicles, prevent vehicle usage without an approved Key Fob or track mileage of company vehicles between personal and business.


BLE 5.1

It can be used for data broadcasting and wireless configuration

Wide transmission range

Operating distance up to 200m (open field)


Firmware upgrade Over-the-Air

Technical Specifications

Ingress protection rating: IP41

Dimensions: 58mm * 34.4mm * 9.9mm (2.28 “* 1.35″ * 0.38”)

Weight: 13.2g (0.47oz, battery included)

Battery: Replaceable CR2032 battery (220mAh)

Operating temperature: -30℃ ~ +70℃ (-22°F ~ 158°F)

Open field transmission range (BLE 5.1): Up to 90m (290 fts) @ 0 dBm (default). Up to 200m (650 fts) @ 4 dBm.

TFT Eddystone: Yes (default)

Eddystone UID: Yes

TFT Beacon: Yes

Only use TFT Eddystone as driver ID (default enable)

600 days @ press 50 times driver ID button & Tx= 0 dBm (default) & temperature = 25℃

550 days @ press 50 times driver ID button & Tx= 4 dBm & temperature = 25℃

Only use TFT beacon (default disable)

550 days @ interval: 10s & Tx= 0 dBm(default) & temperature = 25℃)

500 days @ interval: 10s & Tx= 4 dBm & temperature = 25℃

* Refer to the battery life curves for more information

* If enable TFT Eddystone and TFT Beacon, working time will be half comparing to single mode 


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