Reliable design

Reliable hardawre and firmware design are very important for GPS tracking business. The different brand name and even the same features, the price gap is very big. The main reason is the R&D investment and experience in the feild.  Our R&D team average work experience in communication field more than 14+ years and they worked in HUAWEI/BAIDU before.We provide the reliable and reasonable price products to customers.

Solid support

The solid support doesn't require us support.  We try our best to provide the complete techniical documents and tools that can help customers can config and use our products. The solid support doesn't need you feedback the bugs and we can know the bug before you know and fix it. The solid support is all the new requiments can be done over the air, we try our best to keep our products have the competitive features base on the market requirments.


From our customers' point of view, test and qualify one new supplier and product normally spend 3 t0 6 months, this is a huge investment in time and human resources. We try our best to save customers investment to our products test and  keep what we promise for features and quality.  After test our products we will catch your heart and save cutomers' time. Expect our customers that can spend more time on market growth up and service.

Long term partner

We are a technology company and need the long term partners in the world. We believe "Closing a sale is one easy thing, the key to success isn’t simply completing sales, but building long-term relationships with customers who can be counted on to return." We know well for GPS tracking business, the reliable hardware is very important  for tracking business. We keep improve products and provide our partners competitive products and services.


TOPFLYtech is now serving customers all over the world. Let's hear their voice!
I started working with TOFPLYtech in 2012. At that time, we were tirelessly seeking that “holy-grail” of suppliers, in whom we could count for consistently supplying us with reliable and cost-effective hardware, according to our demands. One who would meet the idiosyncrasies of our freight consolidators. A supplier who could adapt and customize to our clients’ needs, who would listen to our recommendations and evolve with us. A supplier with whom communications were frequent, transparent, and above all CLEAR. To put the cherry on the cake… a supplier who could provide us constant and efficient support. “IMPOSSIBLE” I hear you shout! NO! Since that first date we have evolved and grown like Family. TOPLYtech has listened to my whinging about competitors and jumped through fiery hoops to help me to overcome local market shifts. He took on our local software limitations and developed a stable and attractive tool to which we are now migrating. In short, our relationship with TOPFLYTech has permitted us to reduce our costs and improve our service. Thank you, TOPFLYtech team! It is great to be a part of your IoT family!
- Valentino Bugatti, CEO - Galileo Satellite Control Systems S.L.
My name is Godfrey karanja, Founder of Motorzone International Ltd, A Tracking Company based in Kenya East African region, Since 2016 I have been using TOPFLYtech tracking devices and platform, and I would love to pointout that, TOPFLYtech vehicle tracking devices are the most reliable devices I have ever come across they provide liveupdates every single minute, Google mapping with satellite images and street view. Full report suite including speeding, idling and Excel reports, email reports and customized locations. TOPFLYtech Tracking systems are tailored to meet my requirements as a tracking services provider, and the stability of both devices and the platform has given my business many benefits, i.e. Reliability, Consistency, stability and for the 3 years I have seentremendous growth and increase in my revenue base. More Importantly as a business person the most amazing aspect about TOPFLYtech Devices is, since 2016 I have experienced zero rate on device failure or malfunction, TOPFLYtech Tracking Platform and Tracking Apps have zero downtime and this has given my company a niche in the market here in Kenya. Thank you TOPFLYtech for your Support, Quality Devices, most Stable and reliable tracking system.
- Godfrey Karanja, Founder - Motorzone International Ltd
We, the GSM-One Ltd. have been a customer of TOPFLYtech for several years now and successfully distribute the built-in trackers and OBDII trackers in Germany. Our experiences with TOPFLYtech are very good. Short reaction times with support inquiries and fast deliveries are our experiences. The trackers have very low failure rates so far and have been working reliably for our customers for years. High positioning accuracy, reception characteristics and low data consumption are basic characteristics of TOPFLYtech products. The tracking portal is very good designed, especially the app tracking platform is one of the best on the market in my opinion.
- Dr. Josef Hahnen, General manager - GSM-One Ltd


  • Wide voltage design and reliable harware design
  • OBDII and OBDII diagnostic plug and play GPS tracker
  • Easy to be hided hardwired GPS tracker
  • Protect your assets 24 hours asset tracker
  • The main GPS tracking system provider in the world are our tracking system partner
  • Solid technical support to your tracking system or provider to integrate our devices
  • Turn key solution - GPS tracker and GPS tracking system
  • ODM and OEM service


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