Product | TLP2-SFB Solar Powered Tracker with BLE

  • Post published:September 11, 2020
  • Post Category:Product

TOPFLYtech’s newly released TLP2-SFB large solar powered asset tracker with BLE for dry trailers and containers not only provides real time location updates, but also control wireless relay TSR1-B and transmit data collected from BLE sensors, such as temp & humi sensor TSTH1-B and door & temp sensor TSDT1-B.

The efficient solar panel and large battery can support and cover the extra power consumption of BLE 5.0 easily. Battery life without solar charging is up to 320 days. Get your assets under control, continuedly and comprehensively.


-Real time and historical locations, frequent reporting, alerts and different intervals for moving/stop

-IP67 waterproof, rugged construction. Designed for outdoor uses and rough environments

-Magnet/screws mounting, easy installation

-BLE 5.0 sensors (temp & humi sensor, door & temp sensor, wireless relay)

-Removal alert, when the device is pulled off from asset, it will send an alert to platform.

Use cases: trailers/containers/caravans/cold chain/non-powered assets.