ODM Service

TOPFLYtech specialise in vehicle telematics, trackers, and related hardware solutions. Our ODM Service is dedicated to deliver telematic products with quality, flexibility, on-time delivery, and reasonable cost. We work closely with customer engineers to turn your ideas and concept into reality. Our one-stop service supports the customers’ needs ranging from specification, R&D, design, manufacture, technical consultant and supports. We understand strict quality requirements needed to satisfy the demands of regional customers.

Why Choose us?

TOPFLYtech is a fast-growing telematic provider to its value customers worldwide. Its innovative GNSS products and integrated solutions are widely used for IoT/M2M applications of fleet management, asset security and tracking with 4G LTE and BLE wireless technologies.

TOPFLYtech was established in 2012. We have 10 years of experience in researching, developing, and manufacturing telematics products that exceed the expectation of customer. Our ability is proved by that our full range of products certified by organisations and carriers in the various region. Having footprints in 6 continents strengthens our flexibility in customer service and integrated solutions.

Our R&D team has 15+ years average experience in the telecom industry to ensure that the products are reliable, stable, and competitive. We provide solid technical support and help integrating your current systems with our devices.

To optimise costs and delivery time, we are supported by diversified and flexible supply chain for electronic products based in Shenzhen China.

We are partnering with and trusted by leading major players in the industry.

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