Introducing GPS Padlock for cargo security

Robustness Test of SolarGuardX 100 GPS padlock

Waterproof Test on TOPFLYtech IP67 Asset Trackers

How does the GPS Padlock with Solar Panel (limitless battery) work to guard your assets

GPS Padlock SolarGuardX 100 multiple unlocking ways - for cargo security and container tracking

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World's 1st Solar Powered 4G GPS E-lock - SolarGuardX 100 Padlocks for containers and cargos

Introducing TOPFLYtech's 4G hardwired GPS tracker TLW1 series for fleet tracking and monitoring !!!

TOPFLYtech's 4G Hardwired GPS Tracker TLW1 Series Installation Guide

TOPFLYtech Next Gen 4G OBDII Tracker TLD2 series is now added with multiple exceptional features

TLP1-SF-Solar powered tracker unboxing! How to tighten the screws properly to prevent water leaking?

TOPFLYtech 4G Solar Powered Tracker - TLP1-SF for Trucks, Containers, Trailers!

Unboxing the TLP1-LF 4G Asset Tracker !!! On hand look of the device and guide for installation.

TOPFLYtech's Newly Released TLP2-SFB 4G Solar Powered Asset Tracker with BLE 5.0

TOPFLYtech's TLW2-12B asset tracker can be wired on asset for charging, and running on internal battery when disconnected

Lost your luggage and parcel? Track them with TOPFLYtech's 4G Portable tracker - TLP1-P

4G Spy Tracker!!! Where do you put a tracker in a car? TOPFLYtech 4G tracker - TLP1-P

Best Tracker for Kids!!! TOPFLYtech 4G personal tracker - TLP1-P

Proper ways of tightening screws on TLP1 series trackers to prevent any water leaking issue.

Waterproof trackers! Testing under 5m pressure for 15 hours? Nailed it!


BLE 5.0 temperature sensor by TOPFLYtech can report directly to phone or via tracker to platform

Door & Temp sensor allows you to monitor your door status remotely. Be alerted when it's open !!!

BLE 5.0 vehicle Immobilisers for anti-theft. Controlled by Phone directly and remotely by trackers

Wanna know what your vehicle's fuel level is? Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor monitors it all.

TOPFLYtech BLE 5.0 temp & humi sensor on-hand look!

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