Case Study | Machinery Management Solution

  • Post published:July 14, 2021
  • Post Category:Product

Have you ever been enquired about solutions for machinery tracking and management? Here is a real case study provided by our partner up in Canada.

A facility rental company was looking for a solution that could help track down 450 of their power generators, calculating the operating hours of the machines and execute a power cut remotely when necessary. So that they can locate their machines, charge their clients accordingly based on operating hours and enable or disable the power supply when machines not authorised to use. After TOPFLYtech’s hardware solution is deployed by our partner, the rental company manager has a big smile on his face.

To achieve that, we offered TLW2-12B battery/hardwired asset tracker and relay. Because this model features variety of functions to meet market needs.

1, Large internal battery – it ensures that the device can work for months without getting charged. When power generators are sitting still it doesn’t have to provide power supply. When the generator is working it also charges the tracker battery with wiring.  There’s no maintenance and extra labours needed.

2, Real time location update – given the large battery and the ability to be wired to external power, it supports real time frequent reporting intervals for a long time, long enough to get charged again by the assets. Especially when the device is moving it can report as frequent as 3s. It’s a useful feature for stolen machine recovery.

3, Multiple I/Os – it supports wires for multiple inputs and outputs to work with accessories base on customers’ needs. In this case the digital output is used with relay to cut off power, by sending commands to the tracker via SMS or server. Digital input is used for detecting the machine operating status. The wires are commonly used with buzzer and siren for antitheft when our BLE door sensor is applied. It can provide a power voltage output to support accessories as a power source.

4, IP67 weatherproof – considering the extreme condition it could encounter in this use case, the outdoor capability is a must. IP67 weatherproof and rugged construction can prevent water leaking and damages due to the cold weather in Canada, high temperature and the vibrations it could encounter when installed in a power generator.

Given such exceptional features, it could do really well on different assets, such as trailers, flat-bed, construction machineries, etc.