TopFlyTech Announces ANATEL Certification and Launch in Brazil!

  • Post published:March 22, 2024
  • Post Category:Product
ANATEL Certification

We are thrilled to announce that TopFlyTech has reached a significant milestone in its global expansion: the acquisition of ANATEL certification for four of our cutting-edge products – PioneerX100, HeroX100, TSTH1-B and the TSR1-B

This certification marks the beginning of our journey in Brazil, a vibrant market full of opportunities. The PioneerX100, HeroX100, and the newly certified TSR1-B products, known for their precision and reliability, join our TSTH1-B device to offer an unmatched variety of technological solutions in tracking and monitoring. 

This ANATEL certification validates our commitment to quality and efficiency, ensuring that we meet the stringent standards and regulations of Brazil.

TopFlyTech is ready to make a splash in the Brazilian market, bringing innovations that exceed expectations. Get ready for a new era of technology and security with TopFlyTech’s certified products. We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions for the Brazilian market and beyond. 

Stay tuned for our updates and find out how our ANATEL-certified products can transform your business!