Trailer Tracking Solution

  • Post published:November 25, 2021
  • Post Category:Product

The trailer tracking market is estimated by trusted organisation that it’ll grow at 28.8% compound annual rate until 2024. There are huge opportunities there for everyone in the tracking industry to grasp. The key in trailer tracking is that trailers do not have consistent power source for telematics, so what’s the optimised solution for trailer tracking?

TOPFLYtech’s battery/hardwired asset tracker TLW2-12B features a 9600mAh/3.6V rechargeable battery and a removable harness cable for recharging and I/Os. It can be wired and hidden on the trailers, powered when trailer is towed by truck, and operates on internal battery when trailers standing alone (power disconnected). The large battery can last for months without having to recharge. IP67 weatherproof put your mind at ease in any situation.

The market has shown increasing interest and demand on this model, not only because they can turn 50% of their hardware cost to be their profit, but also the TLW2-12B really gets the work done!