TLW2-12B Integrated by Wialon

  • Post published:March 10, 2021
  • Post Category:Product

TOPFLYtech’s TLW2-12B 4G wired/battery asset tracker is now supported on Wialon. All features integrated, including multiple I/Os, different reporting intervals for when it’s with external power connection or running on its 9600mAh/3.6V inbuilt battery. The BLE sensors are also supported for monitoring of temperature, humidity and door status.

It’s designed for high value heavy-duty assets that may disconnected from power some time. When assets are sitting alone, the trackers can be powered by the large built-in battery. It also can be charged by DC power on the assets. A typical scenario is charging the tracker battery when trailers are tethered by trucks.

-4G LTE-M | NB-IoT | 2G
-9600 mAh built-in rechargeable battery
-Up to 400 days battery life without charging
-Waterproof IP67 and rugged construction for outdoor uses
-BLE 5.0 for sensors
-Built in accelerometer for moving detection
-Removal alert for anti-theft
-7~60V DC power input
-configurable 5V or 12V DC power output
-3 digital input
-3 digital output
-3 configurable input (analog/digital)