The Solar Powered GPS SolarGuardX 100 E-lock for Cargo

  • Post published:April 13, 2022
  • Post Category:Product

The SolarGuardX 100 GPS E-lock for cargo is built – ready to use, straight from the box, easily installed with no need for hardwired connection. Designed and developed for tracking and safeguarding assets, the unit has a big battery and currently the only GPS E-lock on the market equipped with a solar panel. This solar panel is constantly harvesting the energy from the sun to recharge the battery, and the unit itself once it is fully charged goes up to months of doing basic tracking without any additional charge. Dozens of applications, one solution, the SolarGuardX 100 allows you to deploy long-term asset management, tracking and monitoring solutions as well as safeguarding your cargo.

Unlike other E-locks, the SolarGuardX 100 GPS E-lock has the built-in geo-fence technology that makes it much better than other trackers on the market today. Geofencing for a fleet is simply creating a virtual fence and setting boundary points around a certain area or location. The built-in geo-fence in our SolarGuardX 100 can work anywhere, it does not depend on the network coverage or connection to the servers to take effect. You don’t have to worry about the risk of illegal handling and theft. In case your assets or cargo enter remote areas without network coverage, our solar-powered GPS E-lock will not execute any unlock commands anywhere outside the geo-fence, even if an NFC unlock card is used.

Some Use Cases of the SolarGuardX 100

1. Intermodal Transportation

Since Intermodal transportation type of shipment requires two or more types of transportation for cargo to reach its final destination. Cargo travels a long distance and will be handled by different people. In most cases, these assets journey through places with low or entirely no network coverage. In this case, ensuring that your cargo is safe is a priority and paramount concern.

  • The SolarGuardX 100 provides real time frequent location updates, e.g., up to 3s without having any battery issues.
  • Buffer (saves data in the device storage) locations whenever there is no network so that it sends to the server when it receives network coverage.
  • The SolarGuardX 100 gives alerts and different intervals for moving/Still.
  • You can disable cellular communications when dealing with cargo operation in high-risk areas such as an airport, or on an oil rig, to safeguard cargo from damage or other alarming disasters which can be caused by network interference.

2. Controlled Supply Chain

Let’s say you are in the supermarket business (it could be a startup or big like Walmart). You already have your supply chain, and you have to get products from remote areas like a farm to your supermarket. Since you are dealing with temperature-sensitive products like beverages and perishables, you want to monitor and control your entire distribution process from the producer (factory), through the warehouse to your distribution center. 

  • The SolarGuardX 100 Supports BLE 5.1 for accessories and can connect up to 40 BLE units’ connection e.g., Temperature and Humidity sensor for better monitoring of the environment during warehousing as well as transportation.
  • Our E-lock gives security alarms for Locking, unlocking and rope-cutting to ensure that your products remain secure and safe from any illegal handling.
  • Enables shippers to move their shipping methods from “dark, dumb and disconnected” to “visible, smart and connected” thereby allowing safe shipment of Refrigerated and Dry goods.

3. Visibility in Warehousing, Refrigerated and Dry Shipment

Foods, Pharmaceuticals and other products that will be directly consumed by humans need effective monitoring from origin to destination. The EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and other major new legislation such as the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) have set up regulatory requirements rules that shippers should meet to improve supply chain risk management in the current trend. Temperature control and traceability (visibility) is key for stakeholders in the supply chain.

  • The SolarGuardX 100 enables shippers to move their shipping methods from “dark, dumb and disconnected” to “visible, smart and connected”.
  • Our device is also fit for Warehousing solutions, easily installed with no need for hardwired connection and supports BLE 5.1 for sensors which can connect up to 40 BLE units’ connection for example the temperature and humidity sensor.

4. One E-lock Guards Multiple Doors

Tankers that transport and collect liquid foodstuffs, such as milk, juice, wine, beer and water normally have more than one compartment so that the liquid will not gain momentum which can affect the stability of the tanker. These compartments can be locked using only one E-lock thereby reducing risk and improve profitability. Even if the driver has the NFC unlock card, the SolarGuardX 100 lock cannot be opened in dangerous areas.

  • The rope length on the SolarGuardX 100 can be customizable to customer requirements. Like shown in the picture above, our customer from Mexico requested 40m rope length for their tanker.
  • You can connect BLE supported units, for example, the relay from TOPFLYtech which will cut off fuel supply in case of vehicle theft to immobilize the vehicle from being stolen.
  • Furthermore, using the geo-fence feature, the device can only execute the unlock command when it is within the boundaries of the defined area. This way, your liquids are safe from illegal handling or contamination from foreign materials.

5. Which platforms can you use the SolarGuardX 100 ?

Configuration of the SolarGuardX 100 to the online platform is easy and straightforward. Our customers can configure their devices without difficulties. For more information please, refer to our software platform partners using the link  or call our 24/7 customer care support for your outdoor asset tracking, monitoring and other telematics related solutions.