• Post published:October 16, 2019
  • Post Category:Story

After 7 years of developing and growing of the company, we are most grateful for the partners we have met. They are located in almost every continent and achieved great accomplishments in different fields. It has been encouraging and enlightening working with them over the years.

‘I started working with TOFPLYtech in 2012. At that time, we were tirelessly seeking that “holy-grail” of suppliers, in whom we could count for consistently supplying us with reliable and cost-effective hardware, according to our demands. Our relationship with TOPFLYTech has permitted us to reduce our costs and improve our service. Thank you, TOPFLYtech team!’ says Valentino Bugatti, CEO of Galileo Satellite Control System S.L.

Dr.Josef Hannen, the general manager of GSM-One Ltd. ‘We have been a customer of TOPFLYtech for several years now. The trackers have very low failure rates. High positioning accuracy and low data consumption are basic characteristics of TOPFLYtech products.’

In the future, we hope to encounter more partners whom we can have in-depth conversation with, share thoughts with, and fight alongside with.