• Post published:November 28, 2015
  • Post Category:Information

GPS vehicle tracking devices are becoming commonplace for business and individual use. If you’re considering the purchase of a GPS vehicle tracking device for personal or business use, consider the following tips.

Covert or Not?

Perhaps the most important question you will have to answer when choosing a GPS vehicle tracking device is whether you want others to know you are using a GPS vehicle tracking device. Covert GPS vehicle tracking devices are commonly used among law enforcement and private investigators, however some parents and employers are also using covert GPS vehicle tracking devices to track children and employees.

If you choose to use a covert GPS vehicle tracking device, you may want to select one with internal antennas, of both GPS and communication, and an internal battery for extended working life when external power supply has been disconnected occationally to proceed happened disconnection alert for complete security alarm system the GPS vehicle tracking device must require. In addition, for common covert use of vehicle tracking, portable tracker is not an ideal option.

If you choose not to use a covert GPS vehicle tracking device, you may be able to select a less expensive OBDII GPS vehicle tracking unit. Such a plug and play tracking device is typically out of troubles in installtion and wiring, and simple for personal use.

Determine Your Reporting Needs

How often do you want your GPS vehicle tracking device to report the location of the vehicle you are tracking? GPS tracking devices when used with GPS tracking software are capable of reporting in intervals from every few hours or minutes up to instant, real-time updates. Typically, speed and frequency of reporting greatly influence the cost of a GPS vehicle tracking device. By determining your preferred reporting pattern, you’ll be on the way to selecting a GPS vehicle tracking device that meets your specific needs.

GPS Tracking Software

As you choose a GPS vehicle tracking device, your decision may be influenced by the type of GPS tracking software you wish to use. The GPS tracking software used with GPS vehicle tracking devices can range from very simple applications to sophisticated real-time tracking applications which can even be programmed with customized satellite mapping.


Your budget will, of course, determine the number of GPS vehicle tracking devices and additional features you can afford. However, it is important to keep in mind that business owners often are able to recoup the cost of GPS vehicle tracking devices and GPS tracking software in reduced mileage, depreciation and staff costs.