Integrated by Wialon | 2nd Generation 4G Hardwired Tracker TLW2 BL Series

  • Post published:September 15, 2021
  • Post Category:Product

TOPFLYtech’s newly released 4G tracker TLW2 BL series has been integrated onto Wialon Platform. It’s been fully tested and rolled out on projects, proven to be working very well. If you have needs for tracking vehicles and powered asset, it’s the one to go with!

We are also working with major tracking platforms in the market for integration. Let us know which platform you want to use the hardwired tracker on!


-4G CAT-M1 (Global Bands) | 2G fallback

-Real time and historical locations, frequent reporting

-Ignition detection (Alerts and different intervals for moving/standing still)

-External Power DC 7v-60V

-Driving Behaviour Monitoring (6 axis accelerometer)

-BLE 5.0 for Accessories

-Low Power Consumption

-Micro USB Configuration

-Multiple I/Os

Use case: cars/vans/trucks/assets with power source