TOPFLYtech FCC and PTCRB Certified

  • Post published:July 2, 2020
  • Post Category:Solution

2 JULY, 2020

Along with the FCC certification on entire 4G product lines, TOPFLYtech just announced that one of their most popular product families, TLP1 series personal/asset GNSS trackers, have been PTCRB certified. There are 3 models in this product family:

  • TLP1-SF, solar powered asset tracker (Trailer/container/caravans/other assets)
  • TLP1-LF, long battery life asset tracker (Stationary asset)
  • TLP1-P, personal tracker

As for carrier certifications, AT&T will be the first one to come out in the coming 2 weeks, Verizon and Sprint will be completed in the near future.

Why is it matter and important?

The PTCRB and carrier certifications are essential milestones for manufacturers who would like to market their products in the North America region. After passing all the strict testing of all certifications, it marks the TOPFLYtech products excellent performance and quality.

TOPFLYtech never stop pursuing of high quality and innovation. With the big achievement of obtaining PTCRB certification, the TLP1 family products will accelerate North America customer in expanding their business faster and enable more opportunities.