3G is closing

  • Post published:July 28, 2021
  • Post Category:Product

Are you aware of how close 3G shutdown is from now?


AT&T: 7 months left (22nd Feb, 2022)

T-mobile: 9 months left (April 2022)

Verizon: 16 months left (31st Dec, 2022)


Telstra: 35 months left (June, 2024)


Rogers: has already shut down 2G and 3G 1900MHz on June 7th, 2021, 2G 850MHz will follow on December 31, 2021

Bell and Telus have already shut down 3G network

3G’s sunset is leading to many concerns from businesses. Especially in the tracking industry, when 3G shuts down it makes 3G telematic to become no more useful than a brick. It seems years away from now in some countries, but do you really have enough time to replace all of them with 4G telematics?

From ordering, manufacturing, shipping, deploying, etc, with the waiting time in between, it’s going to be a massive work for most businesses, not mentioning the chipset shortage and business down time due to pandemic will only extend your schedule. 3G devices getting deployed now means that they all have to be replaced in less than 3 years so their lifetime is a lot shorter than 4G products, the labour spent on 3G products is more than doubled because they’ll need to be taken off when time comes.