• Post published:March 28, 2017
  • Post Category:Information

Online Tracking System is a web-based software, where user can access to have real-time tracking and journey review , manage territorial and event acknowledges, and monitor other specific concerns, like fuel, temperature and loading, etc.

Real-time tracking system is elementary section to a tracking system. But in this primary section, superior works can be done always. As efficient presentation, dynamic colors, images and movement on mapping contribute to a direct picture of current status of tracked item. Together with literal information. 

Review page is very important, direct picture helps user know well when, where and how long tracked item has been. No fool reports anymore. 

A good tracking system should be good in territorial and event acknowledges. Set up and deploy geo-fences as per your wants, alerts would be given in fresh once the territories have been entered or left. The quicker you know events which have ever happened, the better actions you could take at once. 

In case immobilization needed, execute it with this icon. 

Plenty of reports are a must contributing a capable tracking software.

All above elements are not all for a tracking system, because a real powerful tracking system is always dynamic in improvement and upgrades.

Isolated tracking system itself is not enough for tracking business. Management of trackers, accounts and services validity is an essential but time-taking job. Customer Management System, as a business management software, developed for helping running the business in a more efficiently way. 

Customer Management System keeps you aware how many tracker have been purchased, sold and activated for service. Manage customer in different categories of either re-seller or end-user, and in different class. A good management software has rigorous operations in payment management. Customer proceed payment and seller responds it for credit put in.

Powerful software is what keeps tracking business run in right way