• Post published:March 28, 2016
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When you install GPS Tracking devices in all of your vehicles and equipment you benefit from real-time tracking, which means you know at every moment where your assets are.

Here some of the benefits for different applications:

Courier and Delivery Services

Courier and delivery services specialize in delivering anything to anywhere at any time.

Modern courier services use technology in virtually all aspects of their businesses. They track shipments using GPS systems, use electronic invoicing services which pull information from tracking systems, and can provide customers with exact locations of packages at all times during transit.

GPSmonitor specializes in providing the kind of technology and customized services courier and delivery services require, in fleet management, to gain and maintain a competitive edge. It’s hard to stay competitive without taking advantage of the advanced technology solutions that are available to the competition.

Whether customers are shipping anything from valuable family heirlooms or expensive medical or industrial equipment, they depend on safe and reliable transport systems that deliver on time and with no excuses. Cutting edge technology helps insure exactly that result by tracking transport systems. Contact GPSmonitor today to see how technology can become your best business partner.

Food Delivery

When we think of food delivery services, we all think of getting pizza delivered – and we like it best when it is delivered hot, fast and delicious. But these days, all kinds of restaurants and caterers are getting in on the food delivery business.

At GPSmonitor we’re in the business of making these businesses run better – faster, more efficiently and more economically. For businesses that run their own delivery fleet vehicles, GPSmonitor can assist with a customized delivery system that can boost profits by saving fuel, reducing wear and tear on vehicles, and increasing customer satisfaction by helping drivers reach delivery locations faster. Happy customers means more business, and that means higher volume and higher revenues.

Even if your business uses independent contractors as delivery persons, and they use their own vehicles, you may still want to consider how helping your delivery people do their jobs faster and more efficiently can help you keep your customers happy and build your business.

Keeping Young Drivers Safe with GPS

Young drivers are involved in twice as many fatal traffic accidents as the rest of the population. In addition, teenagers driving at night with passengers are four times more likely to crash than teenagers driving during the day. Cell phones and radios are additional distractions that often contribute to accidents and injuries.

To help keep your child safe while they are learning the rules of the road, you should consider setting limits on highway usage, weather conditions, how late they can drive, and how far from home they can travel. Global positioning systems are also a safe and cost-effective tool parents can use to help their children become better drivers. By recording the speed and location of traveling vehicles, these devices allow parents to monitor driving habits even when they are not in the car.

If your son or daughter will be getting their driver’s license this year, consider installing GPS technology to help them learn safe driving habits.

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