3Dtracking Adds Solar-Powered Asset Tracking Offerings from TOPFLYtech

  • Post published:April 12, 2022
  • Post Category:Product

Two new integrations facilitate wireless tracking of trailers and other fleet assets without direct power sources

St Peter Port, Guernsey (April 12, 2022) – 3Dtracking, a leading global provider of white labelled telematics platforms, today announced the company has recently integrated two solar-powered asset tracking devices from TOPFLYtech, an innovative manufacturer of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) hardware.

TOPFLYtech’s TLP1-SF and TLP2-SFB products are location tracking devices for monitoring the location of trailers, containers and other non-powered fleet assets. These devices are designed to send real-time location updates as well as movement, stationary low battery and removal alerts.

TLP1-SF and TLP2-SFB are solar-powered devices and include a long life, rechargeable battery that can remain powered for up to 320 days without solar charging. If the device reporting rate is set to a proper value, the device can keep working and get charged directly by sunlight without collecting back for charging manually. Both are wireless devices that can easily be mounted to any asset without a direct power source and are built with rugged construction and IP67 waterproofing.

All location tracking and alert information are transferred to the 3Dtracking platform from these two TOPFLYtech devices in real-time over a 2G or 4G LTE-M cellular network.

In the 3Dtracking platform, fleet managers have a full view of the real-time location of assets and can monitor any trips, parked durations and geo-fence violations these devices record. Fleet managers can also view the internal battery percentage of the devices and create alerts to notify when the battery percentage is low. In addition, when the devices are charged by solar power, the platform displays the solar and light voltage used to charge the internal battery.

3Dtracking’s dedicated engineering team led a highly efficient integration process that required almost no input from our side,” stated Blazer Hou, Business Development Director at TOPFLYtech. “We are pleased to report that our devices have already been launched into operational usage by numerous telematics service providers using the 3Dtracking service platform.”

“These solar powered, wireless asset tracking devices from TOPFLYtech offer clear value and are an excellent addition to the portfolio of solutions we provide our telematics service provider partners using our service platform,” said Noam Cimand, General Manager of 3Dtracking. “Based on the initial market feedback we are receiving, we have strong expectations for future cooperation to incorporate additional TOPFLYtech devices into our technology roadmap plans.”

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