• Post published:April 28, 2015
  • Post Category:Information

It is very often that business request of GPS tracker for Motorcyle market. But indeed, few of this attempt run in the right way. 

And the biggest mistake people made for this business proportion is that requesting lower price more than quality of a tracker. So, what GPS tracker is good for motorcycle tracking? Choose tracker according to below points:

Must be internal antennas. 

All external antennas GPS tracker would have to be somewhere in vision. Theft could easy notice and remove it. So, internal antennas is a must.

High voltage protection. 

Ignition system of motorcycle is indeed critical than the one of car. To turn on igintion by stamping throttle would create high voltage sumbits, which would maybe damage PCB of tracker, or result in battery swelling. Even risk of explosion of battery increases. High voltage protection is almost a must for GPS tracker for motorcycle. Unless you have enough money ready for the bad event comes at you.

Low power consumption. 

Almost all supplier claim this feature. While to choose a right product, just check what is value of power consumption based on 12V battery. And we suggest the value not higher than 20mA.

Sleeping mode. 

If tracker would not turn to sleep mode to low power consumption, it would absolutely damage motorcycle’s battery if it part for a few days.

Auto-switch to tracker battery. 

Better choose tracker would switch to using its owned built-in battery, once vehicle battery is lower. Never let tracker a potential factor to kill the motorcycle battery.

Motorcycle tracking is not an simple business. Choose a right product and make up a complete market plan is key to success. And hope TOPFLYTECH could offer something helpful for you business.