TOPFLYTECH was founded in 2012 with the clear objective of delivering relevant and reliable products and solution to improve the living and working conditions of people. It undertook this challenge by solving sophisticated concepts and ideas with the combined talents of a team of talented professionals in telecommunication, electronics and web-based industry.

TOPFLYTECH offers to customers across the world, a variety of telecommunication products and services in fleet management, assets tracking, personal security and facilitated livings.

While not claiming to be a leader in this business, we channel our entire focus in developing market oriented products and continuously improving our products through making small but relevant enhancements.

This is a never ending process.

TOPFLYTECH will never rest on our laurels and think that we know best. We fully understand that we get to where we are today through the accumulated favors and support from our customers. The best way to maintain their trust and return their favors is to continuously upgrade and enhance our products through innovations and enhancements....
Security is everywhere!
GPS tracking is playing a more and more important role in providing prompt information on guidance and security.

Fleet management solution enables companies/organization to keep tab of all its mobile properties, their current status which result in efficient control.

Forgetful and senile elders, misbehaving child, lone-dangerous worker, out-of-range possession and wondering pet can be given all-day attention based on instant updates until he/she/it gets back to expected status.

More than that, GPS tracking enlarges the application circle covering many special industries, such as riot-proof and political election etc. It is an important part of M2M business.

GPS tracking needs more join-in to reach its brilliant future.
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