Product | TLW1 Hardwired Tracker

Looking forLTE-M hardwired tracking devices? Since we launched TLW1 series in Sep 2018, they are now working great on AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Telus/Bell/Telstra/Telcel/Rogers/Movistar/Vodafone/O2/Softbank/etc. network.

TLW1 series tracker is designed as a global multi-mode connectivity solution and purpose-built to provide reliable, optimised connectivity for the next-generation of IoT network. The TLW1 series tracker combines the high reliability and low latency support of LTE Cat-M1 (eMTC) with the extended coverage and delay tolerance of Cat NB-1 (NB-IoT).

The inclusion of both technologies as well as E-GPRS in TLW1 series tracker allows customers to deploy products and services based on single SKU to function in a diversed set of operator deployments worldwide, and thus helping to maximise the IoT products global reach and scalability.

Here’s a quick rundown of the TLW1 series key features:

- LTE Cat-M1(eMTC) + LTE Cat-NB1(NB-IoT) + E

-GPRS connectivity

- BLE temperature and humidity sensor support

- ECO driving for aggressive driver behaviour

-detection - Authorised Driving

- Accident detection and replay

- 2 IP support Jammer detection

- Offline tracking

- Support TCP/UDP/MQTT

- Waterproof

- FOTA (Firmware Over the Air)

- Compact size(mm): 87*35*13.5