6 Ways The Internet Of Things Is Creating The City Of The Future

Making Cities Smarter

Objects connected to the Internet of Things will reach 25 billion by 2020, according to Gartner. Here's how these physical objects with embedded sensors are already changing city life.

Never Circle The Block Again

Still in the early stages of development, "smart parking" can alert drivers to vacant spots on the street or in garages via a phone app.

Cutting Back On Traffic Jams

A sensor network connected to traffic cameras and traffic signals can assess traffic flow, change signal patterns accordingly and send alerts to drivers, all in real time.

Smart Street Lights

"Smart" street lights equipped with sensors can automatically adjust brightness by monitoring the light or clouds in the sky, not just the time of day.

Smart Waste Management

Rather than sticking to a strict schedule, garbage pickup can be prioritized by the level of waste monitored in connected trash bins. 

Dampening Down Noise Pollution

Many cities have laws to reduce noise during certain hours. Sensors can monitor problem areas, such as outside bars, as well as monitor security by alerting authorities to sounds of fights or breaking glass.

- Extracted from http://www.forbes.com/